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In the Fall of 2001, Tom Frakes, published his experiment comparing two reef aquariums side by side. In this Seascope article one used the Berlin method and the other the EcoSystem method. Today, we would like to repeat and expand that study in our EcoSystem Aquarium showroom/laboratory. We have set up four equivalent tanks, each of which uses a separate filtration method. The systems include a Berlin tank, a tank using both a protein skimmer and Miracle Mud ( Paletta method), a modified Paletta method tank where the skimmer is only on for 6 hours each day and a tank using the EcoSystem method. The tanks will house exactly the same corals and fish and utilize the same lighting. Water parameters will be recorded weekly and the health and growth of the fish and corals will be documented both in a log and via pictures and video. We hope this experiment will demonstrate the differences in these systems over time.

Quad-Tank Update 6/14/12

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