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This custom 28-gallon EcoSystem MINI aquarium (watch this video) has been set up since early June, 2011 using our standard EcoSystem method with Miracle Mud. This is a mixed reef aquarium containing soft, LPS and sps corals. Everything has shown impressive growth since the tank has been setup. Here are some facts about this tank:

1. Lighting: double ended MH, 150w/14K (USHIO) plus the tank receives about two hours of indirect sunlight daily.
2. Filter: EcoSystem Method filter with two 15oz Miracle Mud trays inside the refugium in the back panel of the MINI aquarium.
3. Rock and sand: About 20 lbs of cured live rock and about 4 lbs of sand
4. Water: ECO salt mix, weekly water changes between 1.5 – 2 gallons, water top off daily
5. Calcium: 10 ml of ECO 3-part calcium based on the Balling Method is added daily along with about 3 ml of ECO Reef Solution.
6. Water parameters: temperature 74 – 80 degree, pH 8.3, specific gravity 1.023, nitrate – undetectable, phosphate – undertectable, dKH 7.7, calcium 480 ppm, magnesium 1470 ppm.

The success of this tank will be updated every 3 months with additional pictures showing growth as well as other observations.

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The grey bin in the middle (sitting on it is a refugium with 20 lbs of Miracle Mud) is used as a common reservoir sump (in which we grow soft corals) for the 95 gallons saltwater planted tank to the left, the 150 gallons surge and tide pool tank in the middle and the 400 gallons marine fish-only tank to the right. The total volume of this combined display aquariums is approximately 700 gallons. These display / experimental aquariums are very unique. Perhaps they exist the first time ever in our marine aquarium hobby / industry. More detail on these aquariums…later.

But here are some facts:
1. EcoSystem Aquarium salt is used throughout our display / experimental aquariums
2. Approximately 5 oz of EcoSystem calcium A, calcium B and calcium C base on the Balling Method is added to the system daily
3. Weekly water change is approximately 4-5 gallons for this 700+ gallons system – siphoning the detritus from the bottom of the grey bin
4. One UV40w is used
5. No protein skimmer is used.

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