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This custom 28-gallon EcoSystem MINI aquarium (watch this video) has been set up since early June, 2011 using our standard EcoSystem method with Miracle Mud. This is a mixed reef aquarium containing soft, LPS and sps corals. Everything has shown impressive growth since the tank has been setup. Here are some facts about this tank:

1. Lighting: double ended MH, 150w/14K (USHIO) plus the tank receives about two hours of indirect sunlight daily.
2. Filter: EcoSystem Method filter with two 15oz Miracle Mud trays inside the refugium in the back panel of the MINI aquarium.
3. Rock and sand: About 20 lbs of cured live rock and about 4 lbs of sand
4. Water: ECO salt mix, weekly water changes between 1.5 – 2 gallons, water top off daily
5. Calcium: 10 ml of ECO 3-part calcium based on the Balling Method is added daily along with about 3 ml of ECO Reef Solution.
6. Water parameters: temperature 74 – 80 degree, pH 8.3, specific gravity 1.023, nitrate – undetectable, phosphate – undertectable, dKH 7.7, calcium 480 ppm, magnesium 1470 ppm.

The success of this tank will be updated every 3 months with additional pictures showing growth as well as other observations.

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