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Have you heard…it is now possible to NEVER feed your marine fish again in an aquarium using the EcoSystem Miracle Mud filter! I discovered this unimaginable phenomenon in marine fish keeping, by chance, almost three years ago, with my own fish (a yellow tang, a flame angel and a copper band butterfly fish) kept in a grey storage bin.

What are the benefits? Being able to observe fish behave naturally as they would in the wild is quite amazing!

All fishes kept in this reef environment are always healthy, vibrant in colors and live longer than in the environment that is commonly practiced in a marine fish-only aquarium setup.

What followed was an experimental marine/reef aquarium set up to discover which fish, how many of them, what corals and inverts would thrive using this new concept of marine fish-only in marine aquariums. The experimental aquarium was set up in October of 2010. Rockwork was provided by my friend, Len Liebrand. Since the time of the tank setup, NO home-made or commercial prepared fish food has ever been added, with the exception of some grape caulerpa harvested regularly from an EcoSystem refugium running on this tank. All the fish are healthy and fully nourished.

Here is a list of fish in this tank from oldest, introduced 8 months ago, to the most recent…
2 Yellow Tangs;
1 medium Adult Blue Face Angel;
1 large Sohal tang;
1 Flame Angel;
2 Flame Back Angels;
1 Golden Angel;
1 Multi-Color Angel;
1 Nahacky angel;
2 Yellow Coris Wrasses;
2 Clarki damsels;
1 large rabbit fish (donated by a customer);
1 large naso tang (donated by a customer);
1 juvenile Chrysurus angel;
1 small Majestic angel;
1 juvenile imperator angel

There will be a few more fish going into this tank in the coming months. More details…later.

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