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Please watch the video clip below, and you will notice the large number of fish and coral in this 500 gallon EcoSystem Aquarium.  You will see that the fish and coral are all very healthy and are a part of thriving reef aquaria.

How is this particularly high bio-load maintained?  It’s the result of the filtration capabilities of our EcoSystem Miracle Mud Method filter, which allows the tank to support a much denser fish and coral population than conventional systems that do not use Miracle Mud.

This robust filtration allows us to heavily feed the aquarium, which also promotes large and healthy fish and coral.  This particular system does not even use a protein skimmer, and requires very minimal maintenance!

Just by adding Miracle Mud to your system, you can increase the bio-load that your aquarium can maintain.  Try it out today!

Don’t believe what you’re seeing?  Come visit our lab in Laguna Hills, or email me to discuss.

You can also follow us in our blog  There are also other ongoing experiments that you can follow here as well.

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