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In the early Spring of 2001, Jim Poe, the owner of a local aquarium shop in Southern California, and a well known discus breeder, did an experiment comparing two discus aquariums side by side. One used what was then the best method available, the Wet/Dry method, and the other tank used the EcoSystem method. Today, we are repeating and expanding that study in our EcoSystem Aquarium showroom/laboratory. We have set up two equivalent tanks, each of which uses these same separate filtration methods. The tanks will house 7 baby discus fish that have been bred and partially raised by Brian Taimuty of Wet Pets and Friends in Pittsburgh, PA. Water parameters will be recorded weekly and the health and growth of the fish will be documented both in a log and via pictures and video. We hope this experiment will demonstrate the differences in these systems over time. Please follow this experimental introduction and the bi-monthly update.

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