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Like many of you, I came into the marine hobby back in 1987 (my junior year at UCLA), because of the vibrant colors of marine fishes. My goal was simple: I wanted to keep the coloration of my fish as vibrant as the day I bought them and also wanted them to remain disease-free in my marine fish-only tank.

This is a typical marine fish-only tank from google images of Sergio Domingue’s tank from 2005.

Simple idea and goal…but it was a constant struggle and full of heartache! It took me almost 15 years to achieve, but not without much frustration, money and yes, a lot of heartache (watching my fish die) as I experimented with countless fish-only aquariums. I came to the realization that it was a losing battle to achieve this simple goal long term unless…(watch this video)

What I came up with is this 400-gallon marine/reef aquarium. Note the specially selected corals and invertebrates in the aquarium. I am able to keep any type of marine fish I want in this aquarium, even if they are considered unsafe to keep in a reef tank! Indeed, this should be a new trend in marine fish-only aquariums, as all the fish being maintained are quite healthy and very long lived! This aquarium is even more special…until next time.

Right side of tank (simulates shallow reef)

Front of tank (shows both simulations)

Left side of tank (shows deeper reef)