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Approximately 4 months ago we set up four identical reef aquaria, with each using different filtration system methodology.  As seen in the photos from those tanks recently taken, algae has grown significantly more in the tank using the Berlin system than the other aquaria.  This same finding was also found in the SeaScope article by Thomas Frakes back in 2000, after he had done an 18 month comparative study.  This effect was so significant, that in order to continue our experiment long-term, more snails were added to each tank after the nuisance algae was brushed off and removed.  In addition, it became necessary to siphon detritus from the tanks on a weekly basis.  We also started adding low doses of kalkwasser solution, instead of just regular RO/DI water for evaporation, in order to not only add calcium but also to reduce any excess phosphate in these systems, but especially the Berlin based tank.  The best growth and colors are seen in the corals in the Paletta and EcoSystem Plus (modified Paletta) based tanks, however they have to be seen in person for the differences to be fully realized, although with careful observation they can also be seen in the video.

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